Friday, April 15, 2011

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

We voted, did you?

It is an amazing feeling to have voted! Hope, that there will be better leaders, increased seeing better crowd at poll booths

Monday, April 11, 2011

Zoo zoo at express avenue

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Anna Hazare and his one big point!

We all know the 5 point something Anna Hazare wrote to the PM. But what he has highlighted, during this fasting act of his, is one typical problem we Indians have: waiting for someone to take the lead.

It has been an incredible experience to just watch him do the job and how almost everyone pitched in, at least with a FB post to support him. Every bit counted. He emerged the winner. In the process, he has opened the eyes of every Indian on few things:

1. We all now know how much agitated we are when it comes to corruption in our country.
2. We all now know that we can, actually do something about it
3. We all now know that there are millions who will support us, if we take the lead

It might be difficult to get the leader in us out. And while it does not harm, we are still far away from the complete conformist ambi whom shankar showed us in Anniyan (aparachit). But we can actually do a few things, from our end, to help india get better. Small but useful things like (and not limited to):

1. Stopping at the stop line and wearing a helmet! You don't have to bribe the traffic police
2. Know the Law like the RTI, so that you dont have to bribe the Govt. Office officials
3. Expose the law breakers - every phone has a recorder/camera these days. With the power of social networking these days, you might be surprised at the support you will get

Thanks to Anna Hazare for bringing the Indians together! So let the revolutions not happen in just movies. Let us start, in small steps, in our own home.. Starting with us! Clean India is still a dream, hope it is a reality soon.

Jai Hind

Monday, January 03, 2011

My top 10 songs 2010

10. Aval appadi ondrum azhagillai (Angadi theru)
9. Karikaalan kaalai pola (Vettaikaran)
8. Oh maha zeeya (tamizh padam)
7. Thuli thuli thuli mazhayaai (Paiya)
6. Ennavo seidhaai (Yen ippadi mayakkinai)
5. Usure pogudhey (Raavanan)
4. Un mela aasa dhan (Aayirathil oruvan)
3. Hosana (VTV)
2. Pookal pookkum tharunam (Madarasapattinam)
1. Kilimanjaro (Endhiran)

other songs considered: Nenjil Nenjil edho edho (Engeyum kaadhal),Aaromale (VTV), idhu varai solladha uravidhu (goa)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Good old days of Email

I remember my first email id was It might probably be the time when Internet was truely evolving and I was learning what "Internet" was and "eMail" was. Oh, how old and how fresh the memories are!

Was fascinating to have an email id then! There used to be whole loads of email forwards which were fun to read. There used to be one or two email directed only to me, which will invariably from some close friend. Every email was important. Every email was fun. It was a prestige to have an email id. We paid multiples of Rs. 10 at the browsing centers to check emails, to reply to them. Email was just personal. An email from a friend meant a lot to me.

CUT -> to today. I have 3 email Ids. 90% of my Inbox is flooded with "updates" from "Social networking" sites, bank balances, margin statements, etc. Email forwards are vanishing. Personal emails are vanishing. When I find a lengthy email to read, I keep it unread (intending to read at leisure, which I hardly find, and end up "marking it read").

Are we into the era of quick updates and "feeds"? The facebook updates and the tweets are not quite helping us network but detach? We get the info alright, but are we losing the true and lovely feelings of an email? Or, is it already lost by the time I type this?

Whatever, I realized I have been on the run for a while. This blog post might just be a pause and I might have to start running again. But I am happy I managed to look back and feel good about my eMails

(Thanks to the chance that showed me an email from a college friend, sent in 2002!)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Super singer 2008 - My favorites

Airtel super singer has been such an obsession. Thursdays through Sunday feels very different when this program is not relayed. I have been following it quite regularly and the obsession doesnt get justified without a blog post! Just adding my favorites from the show so far, see if you like them

Not a great fan of Ragini. But here along with Ravi it was quite a performance!

Missed this on the show, but thanks to youtube! Vijay truly rocked!

Wished Renu believed in herself. If someone can create magic, its she

Just a 'Wow' to that. Ravi's ego is easily visible generally. When he can get rid of it and enjoy singing, the outcome is like this!

Other performances I did not have patience to search little deeper on Youtube, but worth mentioning are - Ajeesh's 'Amma enrazhaikkadha' and Prasanna performance on disco round.

Irrespective of who wins the show, the memories it created is unbelieveable. To hear one the voices for yuvan will be interesting